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Loyalty & Rewards

Know your customers and reward them using vouchers, discounts or stamps to retain them.

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Communications & Marketing

Can get feedbacks from customer. Notify them for latest promotions or product updates.

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Prepaid & Ordering

Convenient & easy alternative to cash, a popular way to help cashflow and secure ordering.

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Secure & peace of mind

Hosted on trustworthy Cloud. Data transmitted via HTTPS. Backups on multiple locations daily.

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Seamless experience

Smooth optimized flows across mobile apps, mobile responsive web, merchant terminals and backend admin operations.

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System supports

Enjoy best supports from BOSS Award winning team. Optional upgrade to Premium Support & SLA.


What myVIP can do for you

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Your loyalty rules

Know your customers. Surprise & delight, or something in between? Fully control your stamps and points to cook up your secret loyalty sauce.

Your Mobile Credit

Create your own prepaid credit, let members use it as a way to pay for purchases in store without ever having to take out a physical wallet.

Your campaigns

Various campaigns like welcome, topup, spending, check in. Create flexible rewards.

push marketing

Send notifications tailored by tags, location, time, event or purchase history. Timely reminders of special offers.

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Quick login using Facebook or Google id. Finish signup within few taps in seconds.


Quick reference for address, contacts and opening hours.


Bring your customers into loop! Make it easy for guests to answer your questions or inspire your next flavor.


Whether you already have online ordering in place or not, we can help you get it in your app. That way members can place orders when it makes the most sense - on the go!


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  • One outlet
  • Up to 2 staffs
  • Up to 500 members
  • 2 active campaigns
  • Unlimited Updates
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  • Standard outlet $38 / outlet / month
  • Up to 5 staffs / outlet
  • Up to 2,000 members / outlet
  • 5 active campaigns
  • Unlimited Updates
  • Standard SLA
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  • Unlimited outlets
  • Unlimited staffs
  • Unlimited members
  • Unlimited campaigns
  • Unlimited Premium Updates
  • Premium SLA
  • Priority supports
  • Unlock API feature
  • Auto export

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