The Company

We live and breathe apps


Our name – App-and-us – reflects our philosophy. We are all app addicts ourselves and believe that the real world and apps should co-exist seamlessly. There’s not a day that goes by without us using a mobile app, simply because it’s just more convenient to be informed, go places, connect with others, be entertained and ultimately enjoy life with apps.

Apps provide a sense of order and clarity in today’s info-overloaded world, and this trend will continue as more and more people download apps to customise their mobile experiences. We recognise that this provides a great opportunity for businesses such as yours to create presence in the mobile devices of your target markets.Functional, engaging and useful apps create a platform to offer value and   cultivate loyalty among your customers. Millions of smart phone users are   downloading thousands of apps right now, and you’re missing out on engaging   them if you don’t already have an app.

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