Optional Module Add-ons

These optional modules complement the functionality of your apps and create more value for your users.

Location Map

• Device self-locator
• Nearby locator
• GPS coordinates oriented

2-orientation View Mode

• Supports device rotation and orientation
• Landscape view
• Portrait view

Social Network Integration (Facebook)

• Supports Facebook Fan page / Posting
• Supports Share to Facebook
• Allows Social Network logon within the app

m-Coupon / m-Voucher

• Mobile coupon/voucher generation
• Security controlled
• Coupon/Voucher generation limit enabled

App User Form

• App user able to feedback about a specific outlet, event or item
• App user able to rate a specific outlet, event or item
• App user able to fill-up info for certain events such as Contests or Member Applications

Camera Snap & Photo Upload

• Enables app user to capture photos and upload
• Enables app user to select from photo album and upload

QR Code / Barcode Scanner & Generator

• Enables app user to use camera as QR Code/Barcode scanner within the app
• QR Code/Barcode can be generated within the app and allowed for other devices to scan

Push Notifications

• Allows host to broadcast notifications to all app installed device

In-app Purchases*

• Users able to purchase items within the app
*When applicable, in - app purchases using Apple ID are charged to the user by Apple Store

Newsstand Subscription

• Subscription-based publications
• Supports auto-push of latest publication to app user, without download
• Notifies user when publication is available to read
• Module resides in Apple Newsstand

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