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Now you can show your QR Coupon to redeem the best offer in town!
Looking for restaurant when you have no clue for your lunch or dinner?
Looking for a florist when you want to surprise your love one?
Looking for a plumber when you need to fix your piping issue?
Or searching any nearest retail promotion going on in your area?Let City Explorer Mobile Guide do the recommendation…
When you are in our app coverage area, perhaps this app can be your guidance for local food, specialties, great products and services.
The location base navigator(Locator) within the app will guide through all the way to the right merchant doorstep.

Coverage Area in Malaysia (To-Date):
1. Seremban
2. Melaka
3. Kajang
4. Puchong
5. Cheras
6. Nilai
7. Serdang
8. Petaling Jaya
App Features includes:
1. City Explorer Card
– Participated Merchant Info
– Participated Merchant Locator

2. City Explorer Merchant
– Merchant Info
– Merchant Search
– Nearby Merchants
– Merchant Locator

3. City Explorer Advertisement
– Featured Mobile Great Deal
– Advertisement Info
– Product/Service Search
– Nearby Merchants
– Advertisement Locator

4. Social Network (e.g. Facebook, Twitter) update and sharing
5. Promotion / Great Deal Reminder
6. Announcement board
7. About Us

The information in the app is being constantly updated in monthly basis without app update.

City Explorer Mobile Guide Apps

Going by its name, City Explorer Sdn Bhd may be mistaken by the public as simply a local travel agency specialising in city tours or a firm related to tourism industry. But to residents in Negri Sembilan and certain parts of Klang Valley and Malacca, the company had since become a household name for business establishments yearning for an alternative form of promotion blitz. In actual fact, City Explorer is an advertising agency, providing services such as creating and designing company logo to project a corporate image in the eyes of the public. The company also receive orders to handle designing, colour separation, printing and right up to distribution of ready materials such as flyers, brochures, banners, buntings and catalogues. Download the app now and enjoy the information at your fingertips.

City Explorer Mobile Guide App
Android app on Google Play

UNDI PRU13 / GE13 is here

Get the General Election stuffs at your fingertips!

App Store link Android app on Google Play

Want to know where is a constituency located?

Want to recall who represent you in Parliament (Parlimen) and State Assembly (Dewan Undangan Negeri)?

Want to know all the previous election results since March 2008? Want to take a look how is the political parties doing previously?

Want to set reminder on the coming ‘Ceremah’ events?

It is all inside the Undi PRU13 app. And its the final countdown …

The 13th Malaysian general election must be held by 27 June 2013 at the very latest. Traditional practice is for most state assemblies to be dissolved at the same time as Parliament, with the exception of Sarawak.

Stay tune for content updates and more features are coming as the parliament dissolves, nomination starts and election campaigns on the go.

– All 727 constituencies info included and location tagged.

– All incumbents tagged with their parties.

– Flexible search on any key word like name, constituency id, party name, state, Parliament / DUN

– All election results (include by-elections) since GE/PRU 12 are nicely group into 14 states/territories.

– Share result / news / info via Facebook / Twitter / Email   Information compiled mainly from SPR and Wikipedia.

Please help to feedback on data error / GPS error / suggestions by in-app report function.

Download the app now and share with your friends.