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* Be the first to find out the latest TK Bakery promotins and news updates.

* Sign up, redeem vouchers, manage your account, track you transactions and more.

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Undi PRU14 Malaysian Election GE14

Dewan Rakyat has been dissolved! Paving the way for the 14th general election.

Want to know where is a constituency located?
Want to recall who represent you in Parliament (Parlimen) and State Assembly (Dewan Undangan Negeri)?
What to know all the previous election results since March 2008?
Want to take a look how is the political parties doing previously?
Want to ‘Semak’ voter registration (Semakan Daftar Pemilih)?

It is all inside the Undi PRU14 app.


Monkey Theory Payment App


• Enjoy cashless payment anytime and anywhere in any of our events – Just scan and you’re good to go!

How It Works?

• Download our “Monkey Theory” mobile app on iOS or Google Play Store.
• Create an account.
• With this app, you can:

• Be the first to discover the latest happening events in Malaysia
• Manage Account
• Manage Balance Credit
• Manage Ticket(s) purchase
• Manage Transaction History
• Top Up via QR scan code
• Be the first to enjoy special promo and discounts
• Conveniently make cashless payment
• Pay for Food & Beverages
• Pay for Entry Fees
• Pay for Tube Rental
• Pay Baggage Drop


Apple Vacations & Conventions App

APPLE VACATIONS was established in 1996 as a travel agency and has grown to become a dynamic travel agency offering tour packages around the world.

Apple always strives to understand customers’ needs and wants in order to provide quality service as satisfied customers are likely to become repeat customers.

Apple One Club App was created as a multitasking-platform which enable Apple-nians scattered all over to receive firsthand information on their finger tips. Having easy access to information such as latest travel information, update on travel packages, promotions and latest deals. Projecting this app as Loyalty Customer platform and to keep in touch on a more personalize manner.

Introducing new and current destination tours from Apple Asia, Apple Signature West, Apple Japan, the MICE divison as well as Apple Flexi from time to time will be the main target. The app creates a paperless platform for points redemption system and Apple-nians (customers) can always check on the balance of points without hassle. Travel articles will also be communicated through this app.


Loud Speaker Family Karaoke Mobile Apps

Loud Speaker Family Karaoke Mobile Application is a platform for all the Loud Speaker Family Karaoke’s fanatic.

With this application, information like the latest promotion, latest events, latest arrival songs, updated price list and location for all outlets in Malaysia will be available in the application.

Despite the above mentioned, now you can register your Big Mouth member at this application as to get connected with us.

In future, there are more fabulous benefits that comes with Loud Speaker Family Karaoke’s Mobile application. For all the Loud Speaker Family Karaoke’s fanatic, install now! There’s no time to waste!

You might be the lucky one to get chosen to join our latest events or more.

Oasis Cafe Membership App

Let’s Download and join membership.

With this Oasis Cafe mobile application you can:
– Topup into mobile wallet and spend
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– Check the nearby location
– Grab the mobile voucher
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